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Ximedes exists to allow a group of smart, friendly and ambitious professionals to work together on relevant and challenging software projects, to the delight of our clients and ourselves

About Ximedes

Established in 1998, headquartered in Haarlem, the Netherlands, Ximedes builds bespoke software, focusing on Open Banking and Open Public Transport systems. We supply our Pecunda Payment System to clients operating in industry and education. Ximedes is active in the Netherlands, Germany and the Nordics.

Helping banks to become Fintechs

Today, banks are not only compete other banks, but also FinTechs. FinTechs leverage User Experience (UX) to offer financial products in a more compelling, easier way. Ximedes helps banks to build new services that are on par with, or exceed, the offering of FinTechs. Our engineers know that in this ever-changing world the software we create should not just meet these high standards today, but must be so flexible and maintainable that it can meet the even higher standards of tomorrow.

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Building PSPs

Merchant Services allow merchants to get paid by consumers, both online and in-store. Banks are a natural partner for this, but you have to outperform the FinTechs.

Merchant Onboarding

We help you make merchant onboarding an online, enjoyable, yet compliant, 5-minute experience.

Wrecking Crew
The wrecking crew

The wrecking crew quickly and professionaly recorded albums for famous bands. Likewise we quickly create new software for famous banks.

Helping Public Transport Organizations to become FareTechs

The mobility market is changing rapidly: From mobile ticketing, to cashless bus, from autonomous driving to Mobility-as-a-Service solutions. New technologies and applications make the mobility market more dynamic than ever. Keeping up with these new technologies and solutions, that is how Ximedes is helping our customers. Together we innovate, develop state-of-the-art solutions that are future proof and scalable. With that, your organisation will stay ahead of the competition and be able to service your customers better and more efficient. At Ximedes we understand your business and we are not to shy to give our opinion. The common goal is to come up with the best solution for achieve your organisations goals.

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Generic Vehicle Architecture

Public Transport vehicles contain many electronic devices that all have to operate in concert. Thanks to the IPxPT-standard supported by Ximedes, they can.

Public Transport POS
Public Transport Ticket Sales

Ximedes' POS-system for public transport effortlessly sells simple and complex travel products and writes them to chipcards, ready for the consumers to use.

Ticket Machine

Validators are the devices that validate public transport tickets. Our validator software runs on mobile devices as well as traditional devices.

Pecunda payment system

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Pecunda in the Industry

A Payment System in the industry has to be flexible. Pecunda can always be configured in such a way that it works with the cards, the POS, the Card Management system and access control system that you already have in place.

Pecunda at Schools

At schools the hybrid nature of Pecunda offers a huge advantage. Educational staff uses Pecunda Closed Loop to make payments and enjoy pricing benefits, whereas most students will simply use their bank card to pay.