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International Payment Platform

Gijs ter Horst
March 07, 2017

Based on our International Payment Platform focus where we offer Clients multichannel payment processing solutions, Ximedes won in January 2 strategic assignments:

  1. Daimler Trucks at various factory locations in Gemrmany A 1.3 M€ project delivering our Cloud based Payment Platform so that 33.000 workers can pay daily for their catering, coffee and snacks.

    It enables Closed loop as well as EMV payments. Advanced reporting and online clearing and settlement are part of the assignment.

    We partner with Coca Cola Europe (CCE) and we will roll out 1.500 terminals in vending machines and 380 points-of-sale in the cafeteria’s.

    Aim for all parties In two years time is to deploy the same system at Daimler Cars (which has an previous end of life Ximedes system), which is with a TCO estimate of 1.5 M€ even a bigger assignment than the Trucks.

  2. For a large Swedish bank we will support the online payment processing with our Fintech software system. We are started building the Minimum Viable Product which is due to go live in May, and we expect to continue to work on the solution after that, developing an API Gateway, a Merchant Portal, ECommerce plugins.

This enables our position in the Payment processing market and our International expansion with 2 relevant references.