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Explaining ITxPT at Transport & Ticketing London

John-Peter Veldkamp
March 01, 2019

Recently Ximedes has been exhibiting at Transport & Ticketing in London, displaying it's expertise on Public Transport specific software solutions. Focus this year was on sharing the relevant experience and knowledge on the Generic ICT Vehicle Architecture (GIVA). GIVA exists of a basis platform and the different ITxPT services, enabling a PTO to take control of the wide variety of hard - and software configurations of it's fleet of vehicles. With GIVA in place, any PTO will reduce vendor lock-in, safe costs and in the meantime shortening time-to-market for innovations and new solutions.

The platform and services will be rolled out to all the Public Transport vehicles in Amsterdam. Click here for the video where John-Peter Veldkamp is explaining the main purpose of GIVA.

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