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Ximedes at Codeference

Jelena Popovic
November 15, 2021

Ximedes presented at Codeference Serbia.

Recently, from November 9th to 11th, a student conference called Codeference was held in Zlatibor, Serbia. The organizer was the student union of the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. Ximedes was one of the Gold sponsors of the conference, and we had the opportunity to introduce ourselves to the students.

At the start of the event, our director Marco Buursema welcomed everyone and briefly explained how Ximedes was formed. He also gave a quick overview of our initiatives and solutions, as well as the technologies we employ in developing software solutions.

ximedes marco buursema speaker

On the second day of the conference, our colleague Predrag Čalić presented our product TapConnect and shared his experiences from a few years back at Microsoft's Academy.

Since Ximedes wants to establish an academy where we will choose the best students who may eventually work for us, it is very important that they hear the experiences of coworkers.

Predrag told them that in addition to formal education, it is very important to get involved in projects as soon as possible through practical courses and academies like ours.

WIth TapConnect he introduced students to our MaaS pay-as-you-go billing system and how we specifically create public transport solutions for passengers to buy barcode-based tickets in advance to save money and get peace of mind when they plan their routes in the best possible way with the help of our technologies.

Students had the opportunity to hear what Predrag's work looked like while attending the academy and how he has now used his entire knowledge to develop our products.

In fact, it was not only a conference where lecturers from various companies presented their products. A fair was also organized as part of the conference. During the event, all sponsors were able to present their companies and products in more detail. We had the opportunity to exchange contact information and meet some of the best students of software engineering in one place. During the conversation that followed a lot of them were interested in applying for our academy. We've already begun evaluating resumes we've received, and our job now is to choose the finest ones so far. We will have a selection process during December and we believe that the academy will start after the exam deadline in January.

We are confident that we will find great candidates and maybe future colleagues. As the market situation becomes increasingly difficult when it comes to hiring experienced developers, we may be reinforcing some teams with developers we have trained.

When you are interested in working for Ximedes, you should contact our office in Haarlem or Serbia.

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